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For Sale

In January this year I was forced to undergo a quadruple bypass operation during which a wayward blood clot found its way into my brain thus causing a stroke making it impossible to operate an albergue on my own, so it is now time to sell up and move on. I will be broken hearted as I will miss all of the company of passing pilgrims who have stopped over for the night. It has been wonderful company, from signing you in all afternoon to doing the dishes until midnight. We put many hours of work into restoring the old house we bought in 2005, but it was a wonderful experience with lots of help from friends and family.

We sell the albergue as a going business complete with beds and bedding, fridges, freezer, stove, washing machines and drier, dining room and lounge furniture, and everything you need to run an albergue including a license. There is also a great double room with bathroom on-suite for the operator and a spare room for the operator's assistants. With a double bed and a massage bed. The asking price which covers what I have paid for the building, the equipment, the restoration, the blood sweat and tears, Euros 300 000 negotiable.

If you need any more information, please email me at or call Lissa in Denmark (+45) 51 524 345.


Please no more reservations until the sale is made and we have a new owner. For obvious reasons I cannot take reservations right now, especially from those fools who call at midnight. I am not Spanish and in Denmark we are usually in bed by 10 pm.

About Casa Banderas

Casa Banderas is an ancient stone built property on the Royal French route of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. It has been lovingly restored and serves as a pilgrim refugio where weary pilgrims can rest for the night. When we bought it was what an estate agent would call a renovator's dream.

The name, which means "House of Flags", was given by locals as a result of the owners habit of hanging three flags at the entrance to the house. These are the Spanish national flag, the Galician flag and the very colourful South African flag. Recently the Danish flag has been added.

As the pilgrims, having left Sarria 20 km behind, approach Portomarin with only 3km ahead, and the dam on the Rio Miño still to cross, they pass through the tiny village of Vilachá in the parish of As Cortes. It is in this village that Casa Banderas is located, surrounded by wonderful ancient archtecture and many lovely neighbours.

Casa Banderas, showing the three flags.

Every Summer thousands of pilgrims pass this door on the final lap of the Santiago pilgrimage. We are situated near the end of the long thirsty walk which passes the 100km mark. Leaving Sarria you will climb somewhat passing Barbedelo then peaking near to Ferreiros. From here you descend the dozen or so kilometers to Portomarin which can be thirsty going. What a pleasure to find a litle oasis in the tiny village of Vilacha.

If you are in the Village and you are at the marker stone with 91,5km enscribed on it then you have passed our entrance by no more than 50 paces. You cannot miss the stone as it has a Yellow Spanish post box mounted atop.

We opened in April 2014 as per normal and experienced a busy month as Easter occurred in April this year. Easter week is always very busy on the Sarria to Santiago Camino. May and June were also very busy with many foreigners walking the route. We have seen many from the USA as a result of the movie 'The Way' and another documentary about the Camino. We started the year by smartening up the rooms and garden, adding some colour. The flowers are looking good and the lawn is recovering from winter.

If you are in the area and would like to make contact with us the numbers to call are +34 (607) 43 12 77 and +34 (982) 54 53 91.


The Main House

The restoration of the main house is now 100% complete and pictures of the house, past and present, can be found on our Facebook page by clicking here.


Casa Banderas will open First of April and again provide drinks, meals, and lodging for pilgrims. We will be going into our 4th year as an albergue and have learned a lot in the three years we have operated to date.


The website is now being partly and very slowly updated. Thanks to Benjamin for a great effort with the original and the updates.

The Red Door

New Zealand author Thea Hughes has used Casa Banderas and its large red Port Cullis as the location for her new romantic novel set along the Camino. Click here to read the Amazon blurb.



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