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The Casa

Casa Banderas is one of the oldest houses in the village - it is estimated the original construction being around 500 years old. It has been extended several times and the last addition to the property is a galleria added about a hundred years ago. For the last 20 years the house has stood empty until its sale by Eduviges Rodriguez Lopez to our family in 2005 when restoration work was started.

That first year, 2005, was a cleaning phase and an effort to make the house habitable. 2006 saw the completion of upgraded power supply, new borehole and water reticulation, toilets and sewerage, restoration of two bedrooms and the kitchen as well as the addition of a toilet and shower. Outside work included some concreting of the galleria, arranging the "garden" and laying a driveway.

The year 2007 also saw many positive improvements. The third bedroom was completed as well as the small lounge. The remaining plastering and filling of the gaps in the walls was completed using a wonderful machine and some local talent. The leaky old roof was replaced and some skylights added to let some much needed light into the centre of the house. Outside the walls and walkways have been all but completed and a garden started.

In the coming year the house will be completed inside which centers mainly around the large front lounge. Also during this period, the pilgrim facilities will be constructed to enable stay over visitors. There are many plans and much work needs to be done before completion.

The courtyard
Master suite
The Bathroom
The meeting place

Friends and Family

We owe a lot to friends and family who have come to stay and help. In 2005 the list of visitors was not very long consisting of Bryn, Claudia, and Luc. In 2006 we had great help from family: George and Jill, Daniel, Judy, Greg, Nat, Sam, Roc and Sue, and Tim and Liz - as well as friends: Monika, Helena, Lucca & Julie, and Dan Wright.

In 2007 the list grew longer: Ben, Dan, Monika, Saskia, Lucas, Leana, and Albert to name a few, and lots of onsite help from our lovely neighbours, Cezario, Carmen, Marie Carmen, Isabel and Fernando. Thanks to you all for the help and the company.

George and Jill
Double D & Carmen
Greg and Nat

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